Wednesday, December 6

Things to consider before choosing pool cleaners

Installing a swimming pool or buying a home with a pool provides you a luxury life. One thing which homeowners face with a pool is the proper cleaning and maintenance of the swimming pool. Maintenance and cleaning of the pool yourself take too much time and effort; therefore, hiring a pool cleaning service is a reliable option. Professional pool cleaners are experts to maintain the equipment and pool cleaning process efficiently. In the past few years, automatic and robot pool cleaners in Dubai are highly in demand in the market.

However, in this article, we are going to discuss the important things that should consider before hiring a pool cleaner.

Get referrals:

One of the reliable sources to choose a better pool cleaner is getting referrals. Therefore before making a decision, ask your family member, friends, or neighbors who have a pool at home about pool service. If they are using a reliable pool service and happy with their job, you may rely on them.

Online research:

Another reliable source that may help you find a good pool cleaner is an online research. Many pool cleaning companies are providing their services online. Visit their websites or social media apps to read about the reviews of their customers. What are their requirements? What cleaning tools they use for the job? And how they charge for their services? This information is helpful while searching for cleaners.

What equipment they use for the job:

Before hiring pool cleaners, it is essential to know the equipment they are going to use for pool cleaning. Mostly, professional cleaners have advanced equipment and tools that can complete the whole process within a few hours. Ask them about chemicals about how they balance the level of the chemical in the water.


Many people think that hiring a professional pool cleaner is expensive. But in reality, pool cleaners charge according to the shape and size of the pool. When you show them the cleaning area, they determine what tools and equipment will be suitable for the job. However, some cleaning companies charge fixed rates and the rest hourly.


The swimming pool requires repair and maintenance sooner or later. Therefore make sure that pool cleaners also offer reliable repair & maintenance facilities to customers. Ask them about their credential and experience in this industry.

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