Saturday, June 3

Facts About Architecture

Every building has some kind of architecture and now the world is making some of the most astonishing architectures. There was a time when people did not bother about the design of the building but now people tend to wish to get an apartment at the best looking buildings. And they do this because it is a trend now. Back in the older days, if you look at the old pictures of how cities used to be, you will see that almost all designs and plans of the buildings are the same. Well, there are still some developing countries who prefer the same kind of design and plan for their buildings because it saves a lot of money and time as well.

But people like fancy things and according to the best architecture firms in Dubai, people tend to get homes in a building that is attractive. The investors now hire the best companies who give the services of construction project management in Dubai so that they can get the best architecture of building in short period of time. Architecture might be the oldest field of all time because no matter how much technology for research we have gotten, still the scientists don’t know how the Pyramids of Egypt were made. Some say it was the aliens and some say all sorts of stuff. If you are about to become an architecture then these facts will definitely amaze you and you can tell it to your professors and friends as well, so, keep reading below;

  • The Bird’s Nest: the 2008 Olympics was held in China in the Beijing National Stadium and it was said that it is the most important public space in Beijing. And it is famous because it was developed with rain water. 24 hours, there was a reserve at the stadium that used to collect water and moist for the construction and that is why it was called a bird’s nest.
  • The Pyramids of Giza: like we said before that scientists are still baffled that how anyone can make three pyramids and you will be shocked to know that there are 2.3 million blocks of stones on all pyramids combined.
  • Rosy City: this is a city in Petra, South Jordan and a whole city is carved out of red rose sand stones.