How to Bead a Stitch

eading a knitwork gives beautiful results and can turn an ordinary project into fine jewelry! Here is an easy way to bead a stitch with a small wire commonly called “tiger tail” that you will find in jewelry craft shop. Step One: Cut a piece of wire (about 4 inches) and fold it in half. Make sure the pleat is well crushed to be as thin as possible.

Second step: slip the stitch you want to bead on your wire in the middle of the pleat:

Third step: Insert both ends of the wire through the bead hole…

Slip the stitch through the bead… 

Put the stitch back on left needle and knit:

It’s simple! If you can’t get “tiger tail”, you can use fishing line or any fairly rigid wire.

You can also use a crochet but the problem with crochet is that you need a very small one to enter the eye of a pearl are generally these crochet will be too small to catch the yarn completely which may split the yarn strand.  Of course, each knitter and each yarn are unique so you have to find the method that suits you !!