Wednesday, June 29

Here’s why you should learn to cook!

We are not going to debate on why you should learn to cook. The answer is obvious and straightforward, cook so you can eat! People are always dependent on others for one thing on another. However, a person is required to eat several times a day. For a requirement this important, it is best to learn to cook a little.

It is not necessary to become a master chef; you can always cook to fix yourself a decent meal to eat. Customarily, women are more pressured and encouraged to cook. However, most restaurants have male chefs and culinary advisors.

What’s on the Menu?

For some people deciding what to have for a meal is a real nerve-wrecker. There are apps available to make that decision for you. If you are a little worried about your health, you can plan your meal around a healthy supply of proteins, minerals, good fats, and essential nutrients.

They say you are what you eat; some people take that to heart and define themselves as such. These people are known as vegans or vegetarians. Meat-eating is such a brutal activity that no foodie dare ever identify themselves as a carnivore.

Foodie Footsteps:

A real foodie is not only found on the street food hunt. They are also lurking in kitchen showrooms Dubai, and kitchens in Dubai are no alien territory for them. In case you did not already know, a foodie is a person who is overly enthusiastic about eating. Bon Appetite is a greeting too subtle for a foodie.

According to a foodie, the world would be a better place if it was more edible. If more people were focused on eating all the time, they would become so fat that if they want to fight each other, they’d just bounce off. In reality, foodies are the real pacifiers of the world.


Food is excellent; without it, you will die. Some people are eating gold platted delicacies and others who are starving. Such is the state of this planet. Those who can go to bed on a full stomach every day are luckier than the majority of the world.

Cooking is a matter of building character, not your waistline. While it is difficult to digest the philosophy of organic produce and vegan lifestyle, it remains a fashionable trend. Meat eaters are the only majority in the world, who face discrimination despite being great in numbers.