Wednesday, June 29

Facts About Volkswagen

There are different kinds of car brands and all of these brands have some kind of interesting facts about them. you must be wondering that why the facts about such car brands are important.

Well, there are many of us who wants to know more about the brand that it must have good history and other than making cars, they must be doing some good to the world. Because they are making so much money, they should be doing some kind of virtue.

When we buy cars, we make sure to buy the ones that are very much durable because buy a car is very expensive and obviously no one wants to have a car that break down every now and then.

If you are looking for a durable car, then we suggest that you buy a Volkswagen. It is said to be the most durable car and if you now want to buy one, then we suggest that you read the fact about VW in Abu Dhabi who give good and reliable and long lasting Porsche body paint, keep reading to find out more;

  1. There are many law suits on Volkswagen car company and one many is that they have been sued many times for having the worst kind of eco cars. The world is demanding cars that are eco friendly and even though the giant company gets away with the allegations, still the company has sold more than 10.3 million cars in 2019 and the number keeps increasing every day.
  2. Every big company gets scandal and the emission scandal lasted very long for this company. And there was another scandal that said that every one out of ten cars had the issue of emission and the scandal also said that the cars had some kind of cheat software that showed that there was no emission.
  3. Due to this emission scandal, the stock prices of this company fell down up to 35 percent in the international stock market.
  4. The scandal got so problematic that the company has to fix 20,000 cars in a day in 2017 due to this emission error.
  5. There is a kong dog toy in some Volkswagen buses and that is there because the owner had a German shepherd and it loved to play with it.