Monday, October 3

Some basic equipment required for cleaning

When you are in need of cleaning your own house as you will not have any kind of help in this regard then you need to be sure about it that you know what you have to do and how need to do that. Sometimes people are not prepared to clean their house as they do not have proper cleaning equipment in Dubai and that’s why they will not do the cleaning work and try to hire external help for that but you can easily get the equipment and do cleaning in your house without paying extra to anyone. If you want to know about the equipment needed then go now here:

First you have to get the mop and bucker because you have to clean the floor with them and if you do not get them then you will not have a clean floor. When you use damp mop on your floor then you have to wait for few minutes so that it will dry out completely before you step on the wet floor otherwise your cleaning will go in vain and you will get marks of your steps on the floor.

Then you have to get the cleaning brushes and they are available in different sizes and you have to get them according to your need. If you want to use that on the floor before you use the mop then you have to get brush of bigger size and along with a bugger handle too and if you want to use that to clean your walls then it should be smaller in size but the handle should be bigger as well. If you want to use that on your windows or the tables in order you make them dust free then you have to go for the medium one with smaller handle.

You need to get the dustpan as well because it is necessary to take all the dust in the dust bin and you cannot take that with your hands. You have to use the cleaning brush to take all the dust at one place and then you need to use the dust pan for taking it in to the dust bin. There are two types of dust pan available, one is with very short handle and the other is with bigger handle so choose carefully.