Friday, July 19

List of Dark Websites

Our universe is very big. It is so big that the scientists are still figuring out the end of it. And there is another world, no we are not talking about the aliens, we are talking about the digital world or you can also say the internet.

It is another type of world and just the like the world has some good and bad places; the internet has bad places as well. You must be wondering as to what are those bad places? If you are asking this question, then this means that you are using the good internet and you are safe from the bad internet. This bad internet is called the dark web. You must have heard about this thing many times and that is why this also means that this place actually exists.

We really suggest that you don’t go to these places and if you just want to know about it or learn about it then we are here for you so that you don’t go about getting stuck there for good or see things that you did not have to.

The following list is provided to us by the very famous and the best web development company in Dubai, keep reading to know more;

Mail 2 Tor

If we are on the internet, we are totally exposed. The mailings are said to be very safe but the fact is that they are also on the internet and they are exposed as well to different authorities and hackers as well. if you want to keep a low profile due to different reasons then we suggest that you mail via mail 2 tor. This will send your email in a encrypted way and your IP address will not be shown as well.


Shocked to see this name here? Well, Facebook is open and you don’t need any kind of proxy or VPN to open this. But recently, there had been so many discoveries of so many groups and pages that are vile and evil and dark of course. and since the Facebook has over 4 billion people with billions of group, it is hard to keep track. It is best that you stay away from those groups even if you find one and you can report them if you find one.

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