Knitting Needle Mesh

Knitting and Crocheting Benefits

Knitting and crocheting are two popular yarn crafts. Although the techniques involved are quite different, the benefits achieved from each are quite similar. Whether you do, or want to do, one or both crafts, knitting and crocheting provide relaxation and a wonderful way to create hand-made gifts and decorations for every holiday. Relaxation Whether you’re clicking knitting needles together …

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Bead Crochet Purse

How to Bead a Stitch

Kneading a knitwork gives beautiful results and can turn an ordinary project into fine jewelry! Here is an easy way to bead a stitch with a small wire commonly called “tiger tail” that you will find in jewelry craft shop.  Step One: Cut a piece of wire (about 4 inches) and fold it in half. Make sure …

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